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In the field of Environment, AriaConsult, which participated in the implementation of the first European environmental protection policies during the seventies, has since undertaken a wide range of assignments, including :

- design, implementation, evaluation of environmental management policies (waste, water, air),ex post and ex ante evaluation of European directives and programmes
- waste recycling and prevention, assistance to Recycling Bodies
- sustainable development
- definition of strategies for eco-industries (companies, engineering and services suppliers)
- assistance to regional and local Communities in the implementation of environmental programmes, environmental audit of firms
- implementation of information systems on the environment

In the field of Energy, AriaConsult assists in reinforcing energy operators’ strategy and in planning the necessary adaptations to the international and regulatory context (European deregulation), promoting the development of new energy techniques (renewable, clean energy, new energies) and helping developing countries in the design and implementation of their energy programmes.